Are you ready for Wawa to do its best for you? Then MyWawaVisit was made just for you! Our website has all the information you need about Wawa, whether you’ve been there before or this is your first time.

Take Wawa Survey


Take Wawa Survey

There is a lot of different kinds of information on MyWawaVisit, such as coupons for your favorite Wawa items, details about events going on in stores, and special deals.

Talks with experts in different areas and happy Wawa customers who want to say why they like the store. You will find out why so many people stop at Wawa on their way to and from work. You will also learn some cool shopping tricks.

MyWawaVisit Survey Eligibility Criteria

People who win the gifts are the only ones who need to pay taxes on them.

If you go to our Resources & Links page and click on the drawing link, you can fill out the survey by mail.

Your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone must be able to connect to the internet consistently.

Anyone who wants to come in must be a US or DC citizen or permanent resident.

Want to know more about your most recent bill or study? Wawa wants you to get in touch with them.

You need to be fluent in either English or Spanish to fill out this Wawa customer survey.

Take Wawa Survey

Make sure you can write English or Spanish very well.

If you want to take this Wawa question, you have to be at least 18 years old.

You can do this poll right now.

Make sure your contact information is complete and true if you want to be called if you win.


Take Wawa Survey

How To Complete MyWawaVisit Survey

To take the MyWawaVisit poll, go to

Which language would you like to learn? Could it be English or Spanish?

Type the poll code that’s on the receipt into the box on the right. A five-, six-, or even seven-digit number could be used to show this.

Enter the store number that was in the email that confirmed your purchase.

We’re glad you came to the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey. Click here to begin. You will be given a list of questions to answer about the last time you went to Wawa.

For each question, it would be great if you could be as honest and correct as possible. When people talk to Wawa, they will use what they learn to improve their products, services, and business in general.

In the last question of the poll, it asks for your contact information. Please send it in. The information you gave us here will be used to get in touch with you if you are the lucky winner.

Take Wawa Survey

MyWawaVisit Survey by Mail

People can join the poll game for free and take part in it.

Right now, the Sponsor hasn’t said how to join. The next address, on the other hand, might get a card with your information on it.

On a 45- or 34-millimeter square piece of paper, write your name, address, email address, and phone number to finish the card. Along with a self-addressed letter that has already been postmarked, make sure it’s dated by December 31, 2023.

Go to P.O. Box 750-R, Southbury, to send your poll answer to PMI Station. This is the Wawa Voice of the Customer Contest for 2023-1.

MyWawaVisit Survey Rewards

Wawa’s brand-new Rewards Program made a lot of people very happy. We should thank them for all the help they’ve given us over the years right now. The app is appealing because it is simple to use and comes with a lot of useful features.

Take Wawa Survey

People who join the program can get things they usually buy at Wawa for less money. Plus, users can earn points every time they buy something, which they can then use to buy a lot of different things, like food, clothes, accessories, and fun things. People who are members will get deals that no one else has on their birthday. The Wawa Coffee Club also gives away a free cup for every five they buy.

Final Words

Because it’s so easy to use, you can place your order online from anywhere in the world and pick it up at the WaWa that works best for you. On our site, it’s simple and quick to get the details you need. Not sure if you want cheese made by hand or chocolate made by hand? We can do both.

You can find anything you need on this site, MyWawaVisit. When it comes to everyday items and unique items, we have the best deals and the best customer service. We also have some of the lowest deals around.

For more information visit MyWawaVisit